Club Championship 2017-18 Round 1 Draw

The provisional draw for round 1 is as follows (the first named player
having the white pieces):

1    Malcolm Tyre    –    Mac McKenzie

2    Jim Fay         –    Ian Marks

3    Mike Harkins    –    Alex Waddell

4    Neil Corrigan    –    Allen Taylor

5    Alan Stewart    –    James Cairns

6    John Topping    –    Peter Watson

7    Caampbell Dougan    –    Stan Beaton

8    Peter Lavelle    –    Paulius Serelis

9    David Congalton    –    Joe Dyer

10    Hassan Rafiq    –    Kazik Wozniak

11    Paul MacDonald    –    Claudius Manyundwa

I believe Malcolm Tyre and Mike Harkins can’t make next week but can
anyone else let Alistair and their opponent know as soon as possible.

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